Tips for Selling Your New York House During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The market for real estate is seeing low mortgage interest rates at the moment that has led real estate buyers to take advantage at new opportunities! If you’re ready to sell your home Don’t let the virus deter you! Buyers are in the market! Here are some helpful tips to follow when the sale of the house you have in New York house during the coronavirus pandemic.

Sell Directly

The most convenient and fast method of selling the property you own in New York house during the Coronavirus Pandemic is to work with an individual buyer. Selling House can assist you in the process, which could be easier than working with an agent of the traditional type!

No Open Houses

If you plan to sell your home or have your home listed Do not open your home. It’s risky to invite strangers from multiple families, and possibly from across states or cities entering your home and walking around. It is essential to maintain strict control of all the guests, and perhaps limit the number of guests you allow to enter at once. With technology as advanced as it has become, there’s options to avoid the traditional open house You just have to be creative and flexible.

Create Virtual Tours

There is no need to hold an open house any more. If your home is now photo-ready then you can begin taking the opportunity to walk around your house. Take it slow and be careful not to shake or rotate too fast. The videos can be easily shared and uploaded to numerous real estate marketing websites and you can upload to an online video hosting platform to send to your real estate agent. It will enable prospective buyers to stroll through your house without the risk of bringing bacteria! It is also possible to hire an experienced videographer to create professional videos to aid you in a greater way! While some of these services might not currently be operating.


If you receive enquiries from serious buyers, you must be sure to wash and disinfect all surfaces commonly used like doors handles and counters, lights, as well as any other amenities you want potential buyers to experience. At this point in the disease, it’s okay to request the buyer to be careful not to touch surfaces for as long as they can but there are certain things that you simply must contact, such as lighting switches in garages or in hallways. After the show is finished the next step is to ensure that you clean all surfaces once more. It is not advisable to be present while the buyer visits the property, so you must assume they’ve touched switches and doors.

Use Technology

In today’s world it is completely acceptable to utilize video conferencing or telephone conferencing instead of face-to-face meetings to discuss the terms of Selling House . You can also utilize digital signature software to negotiate the terms of the contract. There are even closings that are mail-away so that you can conduct a electronic transaction.

Take it Easy

Selling your house can be an enormous amount in effort, stress and work in normal conditions. In the case of the coronavirus pandemic selling your home is a bit more stressful due to the possibility of additional cleaning and the avoiding of contact. Don’t be scared to take the steps to sell your home according to your personal pace. Make plans to schedule multiple shows and set aside a couple of showings per week to minimize the amount of time spent cleaning. Create videos and photos of your home that are easily accessible to prospective buyers and real estate agents. These suggestions should assist you in this difficult period when you need to market the New York house during the coronavirus pandemic..

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